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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning everyone it is 5:00 a.m. we thank you forgetting up early and joining us. i am eric thomas.
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>> i am kristen sze. >> i am here with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> it will be in the 70's. but we still have fog in the central valley and the north bay. watch out nor that in morning. as we look at the temperatures this afternoon we are going to hang around in the low-to-mid 60's at the coast and my 60's to nearly 70 for the rest of us. this is just the beginning. on the roads, friday lite? no unfortunately not. we have a fatality in san lenadro possibly problem all lanes eastbound 580 before 238. the golden gate bridge shows traffic is moving smoothly and we had zip are trucks move to the north end and at berkeley on i-80 it is clear. >> a bay area county is taking measures for keep residents safe especially the young residents in wake of the disney measles outbreak extending now to the bay area. matt keller is in santa clara
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with the details. >> there is only one confirms measles case here in santa clara county but schools in the area are expected to notify families and students about what they should be doing during this time of uncertainty. the california department of public health has confirmed 59 cases of measles in the state since december, 42 linked to an initial exposure in december at disney in southern california. alameda,s have five confirmed cases two in san mateo and one in santa clara county. in four cases in alameda, those who came down with the measles traveled to disney or had contact with someone there. other bay area cases are not linked to disney. families traveled during the holiday. >> we ask parents take extra steps to make sure their kids stay safe before they go and after they return. we are not doing anything special and we will wait to see the letter but we always encourage folks to keep their kids as healthy as they can.
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>> measles begin with a fever lasting for a couple of days and then a cough and runny nose and pink eye and a rash and infected people are contagious from four days before the rash starts to four days after. measles is common in many areas around the world the disease was eradicated in the united states since 2000 because of vaccinations. the virus made a comeback partly because people obtaining personal belief exemptions from rules requiring children to get the shots to enroll in school. a record shows 90 percent of children in california are up to date with their vaccinations. thank you, matt, at 5:03. police are on the general a barricade situation in san francisco that has been going on now, for almost 12 hours. >> officers were called around 6:00 to an address near ashton with a person believed holed up in there in a home and investigators have not said what led to the barricade.
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units and negotiators worked throughout the night to resolve the situation but for now we want to let you know it is still ongoing. >> supporters of the black lives movement will support two people arrested last friday during the bart protest hours after they packed a bart board meeting. [ inaudible ] >> for weeks protesters have demanded bart drop charges and possible fines against 14 people who were arrested after shutting down the west oakland bart station on black friday. the group was protesting shootings of blackmen by police. a bart board member said she will introduce a resolution urging the d.a. on drop charges. >> a park in the north bay will be closed to reduce the homeless population that has been staying there. the san rafael mayor said the memorial park will be closed for at at least 30 days starting on monday. according to our media partner, "the independent journal," there
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are come lints that the homeless drink, do drugs and litering in the park much the mayor says the park will be cleaned up and improved during the closing. >> a new warning to students at uc berkeley lock your car and check it often after a rise in car thefts. there have been nine car burglaries this month. in every case officers say valuals were left in plain sight and thieves smashed windows to steal them. police suggest you park in a busy and well lit area. close and lock the weapons and doors. remove all finishes of identification from the car so the thieves can taught steal your personal information. agencies exclusive right right to colleges is out the door and the language has been removed granting a monopoly to the commission for community and junior colleges. the right will now be open to
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competition. a few days ago a san francisco superior court judge ruleed the commission carried out unlawful business practices including their actions against city college. >> stanford is providing housing if faculty and staff this entire apartment complex 3 1/2 miles from the stanford campus. the university says it is difficult to recruit faculty when finding an apartment in the silicon valley can be difficult. units in the apartment complex cost the same as comparables but they hope mading the housing available will attract new employees. >> anyone who lives in the bay area knows it is not a cheap place to live and new information shows it is getting more expensive. according to real estate data firm zillow the cost renting apartments is climbing faster in prepare than in the majority of the united states cities for the past area. respects in san francisco jumped
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15.4 percent. zillow warns rising apartment costs will keep the renters from save money and that can keep them from eventually baying hopes of their own. >> another twist in the saga of a former supervisor accusing her husband of having an affair. she made the accusation in a face spoke post that she removed and wrote her husband carried on a sexual relationship with a woman who worked for him in two state offices. her political career was derailed by her own affair and addiction to methamphetamine. troubling news this morning for hundreds of dream works animation employees working at a main studio on the peninsula. the company plans to close the studio in redwood city. half of the facility's 450 workers will be offered jobs at the main campus in glendale near los angeles and the other half lose their jobs. the studio says the cuts are part of a reorganization of the
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aimed at saving money and the latest animation films "how to train your dragon," won a golden globe. >> right now it is how not to get in trouble at the coast starring meteorologist mike nicco. >> be careful. the sneaker waves are going to be big. we will tack about cold weather first. 33 in men. tee times early in san ramon you may want to we are 38 in brentwood and low 40's around antioch and pittsburg and walnut creek and that is it. we will look at everyone else, 40 in novato 41 in foster city and 46 at redwood city and 38 in cupertino and 57 in half moon bay and some offing for now is slide down 101 toward san rafael and that is where the fog is thickest in the north bay.
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by noon we are all sunny and 59 to 62 and headed through the day, mid-sick at hurricane and rounding out 12 hours we are in the low-to-mid 50's in the evening. record highs are possible tomorrow most likely sunday low-to-mid 70's and a few 70 holding on, on monday. leyla gulen? >> we are headed back to san lenadro with a confirmed fatality at eastbound 580 with traffic diverted off of the freeway at 164th and right new we are noticing that 14th street as it turns into mission boulevard is backing up so avoid this until further notice because all lanes are currently blocked while the investigation conditions. what you can also do is use 880 as an alternate and we have 35 bart trains now running on time. as we take you interest san jose it looks like everything is running smoothly and at continue speeds if you travel along 101 and a flight to cap -- to catch 71 miles per hour headed into
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cupertino and highway 85, no problems in. the super bowl is over a week away and i am sure you did not remember that and sales of a popular big game snack are going through the roof. america's money report is next. >> new england patriots still have explainin' to do, tom brady's response to how 11 of the footballs got deflated during the championship game. >> and the bay and the bay bridge looking clear and you can stay on top of weather and traffic by keeping taps on female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. don't wait! sleep train's year end clearance sale
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confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> cover fremont, people appeal, north and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. bay. with a week to go before the super bowl, no sign of ending. after the team ran defense
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yesterday, susan, explain. >> question, eric, the patriots top guys face the cameras to clear the mess up but made it worse. >> this were on, the nfl's latest controversy continues to rock the experts world. would left some of the air out of the new england footballs on sunday during the championship sick try over the indianapolis colts in violation of league rules? from superstar quarterback tom brady three time super bowl champ who handled the ball 40 times in the first half a full denial. >> in idea. i want aware and have if explanation. >> new england pace contracts coach belichick involved involvement throwing the ball back to brady. >> personal preferences on his footballs are something he can talk about in much better detail. >> the scandal is known as deflate-gate cop as the patriots hoped to concentrate on seattle
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before the super bowl. analysts are not buying the denial. >> i did not believe tom brady. >> this was a perfect opportunity for tom brady to say, i made a mistake, i blew it, i will take the blame here. this will go away. he didn't do that. >> speakers say the only time ball could have been deflated is the final minute before kickoff or during the game on the sideline. some say they offer more control and but brady said he is as confused as anyone. >> i would like to know what happened as you would, too. >> nfl officials say they are investigating whether the patriots cheated but birthdayy says -- but brady said the leagues have nod asked anything. >> one of men sentenced for the beating of giants fan bryan stow will go back to prison for a
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long type, pleading guilty to a federal weapons charge and faces ten years in prison wren he is sentenced in may. he was sentenced for 2011 attack at dodger stadium that left bryan stow with permanent brain damage. he was arrest when he finished serve time if the beating case. >> investors hope the gains on wall street condition after moving into positive territory for the year. here is the money report for this morning. >> good morning topping america's money, stocks surging. >> wall street has big games over reviving europe's economy. the dow was up 259 and nasdaq climbing 82 and the s&p 500 up 31 and major asian markets posting strong gains. >> last year's receipts are in at the movies and "hunger games," top greecing domestic film of 2014. >> pulling in $331.8 million more than "guardians." with the super bowl a week away
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chicken wing sales are going through the roof. >> americans will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings the same as last year that can stretch back and forth between the seahawks and patriot stadium 28 times eating that many wings. >> i can spell them now. >> we prepare if summer like temperatures but the east coast is bracing for the first significant winter storm of the season that dumped heavy snow on new mexico, colorado and northern texas early in the week and starting tonight, a messy mix of rain and snow and sleep moves up the eat coast the next few days. this is a good chance it could cause flight delays or cancellations so check ahead of time if you are traveling this weekend. >> by, talking about skiers and they could use a good storm up there new in lake tahoe. >> they could but nothing.
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it is on wrong coast. >> now a look at live doppler 7 hd you can see the moisture is bubbling up from the gulf coast and you can see the cold air under the live doppler hd beener and it will clash. that will set cans together and creates a nor'easter and that will continue to develop as we head through today and temperature. it will taper by sunday. at home we have a little fog developing in santa rosa and you can see windsor and south santa rosa weapon out as you head south through rohnert park down 101 to petaluma where we have less than quarter-mile visibility where it is most addition right now. the rest of us are doing okay as the tule fog is staying in the central valley right new and a little deficit it could slip into the delta. keep an eye on that. to the south, san jose, and 87 near the shark tank looking clear this morning and sunshine is all we are beginning to have today after the we fog up north
5:18 am
and you will gin the rest of us with a warm expect today lasting through the weekend and next week trending dry and not exactly what i wanted to see or say this morning. however, in february, the pattern will shift and there is a possibility of a storm in the first part of february. we are always looking to the future and we hope it holds together were mid-60's to 70's together and even the coast is 66 at half moon bay and 70 in santa rosa and gilroy and 69 in oakland, the warm spots today. tonight, seasonably cool with upper 30's around santa rosa and the san ramon valley and a lot of low-to-mid fete elsewhere until you get to richmond and oakland and san mateo and san francisco and half moon bay upper 40's low 50's and three areas of high pressure dominating the west coast and the eastern pacific and with it comes the threat of temperatures reaching record levels on sunday and course if you want to go to the coast starting in about 40 minutes the high surf advisory
5:19 am
through 6:00 a.m. on sunday morning. the seven-day forecast shows the heat peeks on sunday and mid-60's back not trust with a slight chance of rain on when. as we head back interest solano tremendous amy hollyfield is on the scene of the fatal accident involving a vehicle that ejected three people. there is at least one confirmed fatality. eastbound 580 is shut down. traffic is diverted off at 164th avenue so the sig-alert means more than one or more lanes closed if 30 minutes or more going to be in affect until torts notice. this is causing heavy backups along 14th which turns interest mission boulevard south of 238 so the drive you it castro valley in solano tremendous is going to be tough this morning. 880 is the other alternate. or bart, we have 40 trains running on time and muni and all buses and rail so far currently running are on time and ace train, too with no delays. walnut creek 680 headed south out of pleasant hill clear
5:20 am
conditions and top speeds. straight ahead, seven things to know use start your day. >> the touching moment a blind mother laid eyes on her baby if the first time because of a revolutionary piece of technology. >> you get your friday into gear weather and traffic through the commercial break. in is the bay bridge toll plaza and things are picking up in terms of activity. searching for a great used car? can you help? start with the millions of used cars for sale at the new show me cars with no accidents. show me no accidents and one owner. show me no accident, one owner cars with service records. that's awesome! that's the power of carfax®. find the cars you want. avoid the ones you don't. plus, you get a free carfax® report with every listing. start your used car search at
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here are seven things to know before you go breaking news eastbound 580 at 164th a three car crash involving a fatality with periods showing a burned car so there was a car fire. all lanes are closed eastbound 580. traffic is diverted. there are delays on 14th. >> two, check out the fog in the
5:23 am
north bay no big surprise there. tule fog mostly is staying in the central valley. it will let us reach the maximum temperatures today 70's are coming lasting through the weekend. record highs are in the seven-day forecast. school officials in santa clara county are expected to notify parents and students of how to protect themselves from getting measles. so for there have been seven-reported cases of the virus in the bay area 59 in the state since december. 42 have been linked to exposure at disney. >> protesters will pack a san francisco courtroom today to support two bart demonstrators arrested last friday. a man is charged for bagging a spoon on the windows of a bart train during a protest. a woman was arrested for blocking the door of a train. >> five king abdullah has been buried in saudi arabia, dignitaries from around the world came to honor the peoplery of the 90-year-old leader of the arab world.
5:24 am
vice president bid were led the american delegation. his half brother sal mob is -- salmon is king and promised to continue the policies. aisis militants posted warning with a countdown clock to the time they plan to kill two japanese hostages today. isis is asking for a $200 million ransom from the japanese government to keep the pair alive. militants have beheaded other hostages recently. >> seven the coast guard will spend the day clearing one of choppers from a target paing -- parking lot if houston. the helicopter had to land after hitting a bird on the way back from a flyover often the gulf and crews checked out the damned platform. no one was hurt. yelp has the list of the top 100 restaurants in the united states based on user feeback and the number one not the french laundry but the copper top barbecue in big pipe a small town on the eastern side of the
5:25 am
sierra. yelp folk rave about the pork, burgers and ribs and received 217 yelp reviews and had a five-star rating. a pretty good view of the sierra nevada mountains. number two was "after the flavors," a gelato shop if las vegas. >> technology is giving a blind woman the gift of sight and a precious moment many new mothers take for granted, the ability to see their children. >> this is not the first time she is seeing her baby but the first time she has ever seen any babe. she is blind but with the glass developed by a firm that enhances immaps for people with low vision she can finale see her son. >> i remember his mouth and his gums and his tongue when he cried. i would have had to imagine what he looked like and i am used to doing that but it is
5:26 am
heartbreaking having to do that for director occupy baby. >> the revolutionary glasses are not cheap, they retail for $15,000 but she said you cannot put a price tag on a mother's love for her newborn. >> that is priceless. priceless. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. >> including jeb bush here in the bay area and what is bringing the florida governor and presidential contender to san francisco. >> it is fought -- not the traffic. the ferry building shows outside it has been busy traffic wise early on this friday. leyla gulen will tell us
5:27 am
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hey! i found my true love livin' in a sweet dream. singin' my favorite song and it all starts with you. whoa-oh-oh-oh, all this goodness... what matters most should always come first. which is why whole grain is the first ingredient in every general mills big g cereal. and why we never use high fructose corn syrup. general mills. look for the big g. it means goodness first. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. on friday.
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it is 5:28. thank you for starting your day with us. i am cryptosporidium. -- i am kristen sze. i am eric thomas. >> we are here with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. the warmth starts today. this morning, radiation fog in the north bay is new convection fog sliding across san francisco and making a southbound trip. can you see it from sutro tower. in the afternoon most of us in the mid-60's to nearly 70 with sunshine. >> we have a terrible traffic situation right new on 580. leyla gulen? >> in san lenadro. amy hollyfield is on the scene. as we take you to the map we have all lanes shut down eastbound 580 at 164th after three cars were involved in a major injury accident including a fatality. all lanes are shut down. we will have more details in a few minutes. leyla gulen thank you. we want to continue now with the
5:30 am
sig-alert open a 80 with amy hollyfield at the scene in solano tremendous. >> i am standing on eastbound 580. what does that tell you? it is shut down. all lanes. shut down, eastbound 580. one person died. another person suffered major injuries. at this point the c.h.p. officers say they believe two cars were involved. one caught fire. a third car is on the shoulder. they are trying to figure out if and how that car was involved. they do not know what happened. they are just getting started investigating this. first they want to tend to the victims. the good news for drives, the closure is small. it is contained to a small area. they have cars exit at 164th but letting them get back on at 164th so the off ramp to the on-ramp is closed at 164th eastbound 580 so if you can
5:31 am
stomach the backup that singling at 164th they allow you to get right back on but the backup is grow. avoid the area is best-case-scenario if this is part of your travels. c.h.p. says they do not know when they will re-open things back up but they will process the scene as quickly as possible and they know the morning commute is upon us. be parent. they will try to hurry. >> now amy, thank you firefighters near pittsburgh pennsylvania, are on the sketch of a seven aharm fire butting through several apartment complexes. this is picture from the scene 20 miles from pittsburgh. everyone has been accounted for. the fire break out at 1:30 this morning our time with no word on the cause. it involves several apartment complexes. >> federal officials say a
5:32 am
flawed safety culture at chevron led to the refine try fire three years ago. the chemical safety board releases the third and final report on the 2012 fire that endangered 19 workers and superintendent -- sent thousands to the hospital and identifies shortcoming in the safety program and emergency respond. chevron has been fined more than $2 million for the fire. the report will be discussed with the public at a meeting on wednesday. the again says they need time to review the report's making comments. >> today a man san francisco police are investigating in connection with the string of fires is set to make the first court appearance. david difficult as is is a-- david diaz is accused of setting a fire in the castro district and lives where the salon is which is near the scene of two other arrest suspect fires monday morning. in 2011 he was con setted of involuntary manslaughter after burning the body of a sexual partner.
5:33 am
he says he choked the man during a sex agent and lit a recycling container on fire to signal for help. >> dignitaries from around the world gathered in saudi arabia for the funeral king abdullah. the period of the 90-year-old leader was carry through a mosque. vice president biden is heading the american delegation and president obama praised his arab ally if advancing the arab peace initiative. the price of oil rose after the announcement of his death but it is not supposed to last. the 79-year-old half where prince salmon has assumed the throne. >> jeb push will -- jeb bush will be in san francisco today will speak to the national automotive dealers association. it will be one of the final paid appearances before start of an expected presidential campaign. year, bush actually met with another possible g.o.p. white
5:34 am
house contender, mitt romney, who was the 2012 republican nominee and recently decided to "consider," another run in 2016. >> another name in the presidential pool this morning we have learned that florida republican senator marco rubio has asked top advisors to prepare for a campaign. at 43, rubio is 20 years younger than bush and romney and is the son of cuban immigrants and opposes president obama's policy toward cuba. he believes voters want to know that candidates understand the problems they face. the conference of mayors wrapped up with a visit to the white house today and these are photos of san francisco mayor lee and oakland mayor schaaf two of the bay area leaders attending the annual event in washington dc. last night, vice president biden addressed the group today they will meet with obama administration officials to discuss the relationship between the federal government and the nation's cities. this afternoon, the president
5:35 am
himself will address the group. >> a youth football program in san jose is turning to the communities for help in replacing thousands of dollars worth of stolen equipment. last weekend someone ransacked the san jose hit squad equipment shed and the gear was taken. the season is to begin in a couple of weeks february 7th and the almost served 140 students age 5-15 many coming from underprivileged back grounds. they took jerseys shoulder pads game pads. everything. >> to be taken in one night, that is sad. i hope the community responds and rallies around the young boys. >> an account has been set up to help raise money if the new equipment. 5:35 could be a dangerous weekend for beep goers and that is because a high surf advisory is in affect this morning from sonoma county to the big sur coastline starting at 6:00 am in
5:36 am
25 minutes. high surf could bring sneaker waves and extra large waves in the middle of a set you do taught know notice it is too late. five years ago one swept through the crowd at the surf competition injuring several and the rope many are expected this week at the beach is because of officially high temperatures. >> we will find out more from meteorologist mike nicco and how warm it is. >> in 70's mid-70s when our warm spell peeks with spring-like temperatures. spring fever this weekend and headed to the coast the waves are around 5:00 to 7:00 feet and they will double from 6:00 this morning to 24 minutes from now through 6:00 on sunday morning, the breakers could be tough if you are walking long and you do not notice them. watch out. if you are swept out rip currents could get you. 35 in petaluma then this american canyon and 39 in santa rosa and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's and san rafael is the warm spot at 46 degrees.
5:37 am
san ramon valley is 39 and lafayette is 37 and 40 right new in san jose. there is fog developing in san rafael but it is not thick and most of it is in the north bay but leaking down into the bay itself through the next couple of hours so watch out increase san francisco and south. by noon sunshine and 60's, mid-60's at 4:00, and mid-50's and quiet and enjoyable evening. hope you like it. >> we are taking a lack with breaking news all eastbound lanes are shut down in san lenadro and we will take pictures so we can show you exactly what we are talking about, a fail crash at 164th avenue and amy hollyfield is on the scene with further delays. what we do know is possibly three video are involved and one fatality and other major injury involved here. one car flipped over and it caught fire and it is a big scene we have c.h.p.
5:38 am
investigating and it will be around until further notice. we do not know weapon the lanes will re-open but you can get off at 14th and back on we have another problem the bay bridge toll plaza. however, i want to show you the maze, where we have a new accident with heavy backups building trying to make the transition either further notice or toward the bay bridge we still have heavy backups building through berkeley where more gales on that in a few minutes. still feeling the pain and the joy next a bay area climber who made history in yosemite reveals what is next for him. >> also towering above them all, the big honor if the warovers steph curry and led coach as the nab heads to the all-star break. and downtown san francisco a look at the fog but not too much in the bay area.
5:39 am
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. on this friday morning at 5:41 a high definition picture from our rooftop camera toward the ferry building and in the bag ground you see the bay bridge and it is a been a problematic friday morning commute already. leyla gulen will tell us more of the sig-alert. two brothers say they are scared to death after what happened to them on wednesday morning could happen again. the two young boys were in family s.u.v. waiting for their million to drive them to school and a gun was pointed at them and they are carjacked. they were traumaized.
5:42 am
he was like, get out the car get out of the car. [ inaudible ] they pointed a gun at me. i thought i had to get out my brother. they forced me to get out. they punch me in my away. really hard. my brother ran out of the car and pull me from this jacket right here. >> police have record the s.u.v. and have arrested four people who are suspected of crimes committed earlier on wednesday morning throughout the county. 5:42. investigators are back an the scene of a your construction accident at the site of a controversial freeway project. a highway 101 bypass is being built in mendocino county and five workers were pour concrete on the bypass yesterday and a 150' long steel and wooden structure collapsed. this is video of the aftermath and a worker was trapped and suffered major enjoys and two
5:43 am
other workers were also hurt. the project has been plagued by massive cost overruns and environmental issues. santa rosa navallive hope he and his partner's historic ascent of el captain will help others to the he said his happens are still covered with scabs after spending 19 days climbing 3,000' of the we dawn wall of el captain spending seven years to train if the climb. jorgeson said he will rest a while before inning -- planning the next climb. >> success of the warriors is validated by the fans. they have two all stars, a player and the coach. steph curry was named to the second am stall -- all-star game with 1.5 million votes topping
5:44 am
lebron james and the first year coach will direct the all stars forting the team to the best record in the conference so far in the season, 34-6. >> i got into this gig and to be coaching the all-star game it doesn't seem real. >> a dream come true to be to times in a row i am proud of that. >> more accolades could be becoming, clay thompson will be named to the all star squad as a reserve by coaches. at 5:44 thyme to check -- time to check the trust. temperature record could fall. >> superior spring feverish weekend with low-to-mid 70s. we will start with getting you out the door in the north bay with santa rosa down to quarter-mile visibility from windsor through santa rosa interest south santa rosa to rohnert park and headed down 101 into petaluma with the thickest fog at less than quarter-mile
5:45 am
visibility and some of that is starting to leak down 101 into san rafael >> and watch out for that as you come across the bay bridge and you can see it right now trying to take over the financial district here in san francisco. the high definition picture from the camera shows sunshine today and the warm start "warm," by meaning 70 in a couple of places today. next week, unfortunately trending dry and february at least the beginning is trending weather with a pattern shift and hopefully a couple of storms maybe a few. today, though, enjoy the warm sunshine, and some of the areas hitting 70 and santa rosa clover detail, santa cruz and, also gilroy and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60's and it will be breezy along the coast along with the high surf advisory. upper 30's north bay and san ramon valley and let 40's elsewhere inland and hid 40's to around 50 under clear conditions
5:46 am
for the bay and to the coast. three areas of high pressure bringing a friend and then another friend and that is why we have a big area of high pressure that going to dominate our weather this weekend with singing air and offshore wind compression, heating, and why we are in the mid-70's. saturday sunday, monday it looks like sunday and monday are the best chance for record highs and the best chance is in the south bay and points south of this. we will take a quick look at the seven-day outlook and what you will see upper 60's to low 70 tomorrow and herm 70 on sunday and upper 60 to low 70 a last day, on monday increasing clouds and mid-to-upper 60's tuesday and a slight chance of rain tuesday and wednesday bringing us back into the mid-60. have a great weekend. >> we take you to san lenadro with all lanes blocked. these are perks from eastbound 580 at 164th and amy hollyfield is on the scene bringing us
5:47 am
further delays. we though that possibly three vehicles are involved with overturned wreck and fire. there are other major injuries involved and c.h.p. is other crews are on the scene until further notice. no word when things are going to re-open this. if you want to see what it looks like on the map it is causing backups and traffic is diverted off of 164th but become on at 164th so the area is relatively small. westbound traffic is not affected maze with c.h.p. with the your gumming the commute with heavy backups from berkeley. >> kids are getting a chance to show off their business savvy in front of a national au with a company in florida called by a teen designing and selling
5:48 am
silly stock and in michigan a anyone-year-old is >> we made $70,000 in sales and my dad is my consultant and i am the idea person. >> i dot hard work like shipping financing. >> we started last year and we made more than $15,000. now we want to stick to something and make it. >> all three kids get feedback from the host of the show on "good morning america" this morning starting at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> my kids is only had a bake sale. thank you is start. >> journey of 10,000 steps starts with a bake sale. >> another possible roadblock for uber and lyft and other ride services with demand that the dmv is make of drivers. >> slip of a tongue from an internet star that got quite a
5:49 am
chuckle from president obama. >> gunmen at the a.t.m. the just released video police want people to see after a woman drives up to a violent encounter >> the embarcadero in san francisco and the ferry building are clear there is not too muching for. stay tuned. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday
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>> the california dmv issue as warning to anyone driving their own car for uber and lyft and sidecar or any ondemand drive service. get consider license plates. the requirement could create a major hurdle for the companies and their drivers and the dmv
5:52 am
says even occasional use requires commercial plates according to an 80-year-old law. uber issued a statement last night saying that the dmv is not taking into account a recently passed law allowing the drives to use personal vehicles. >> a san francisco man is a race away from an incredible accomplishment. he is the only american competing in the worm marathon challenge. >> it started saturday in morocco and helped today in australia. he has run six marathons 26.2 miles through rain snow, jet lag in chile, miami, madrid morocco, dubai. he said that he has his reasons. >> i saw it as another mental and physical challenge i could take on and prove an average person like me can actually do what a lot people think is impossible. >> he is raising money for the we foundation for cancer research which is in honor of
5:53 am
coach who was a cancer victim arching about five hours for each mayor then. this is the story that makes you say find your own dawn wall. each person has something to challenge them to the max. and now, we have a little bit of fog across the san francisco area and we are looking down in oakland a spot hot at 69, ten degrees above average. most of us are six to eight degrees before average. fog through the central valley from 11 o'clock to 10:00 in the san joaquin valley, 68 in chico and low-to-mid 70's in southern california and here is my seven-day forecast for lake, a shower is possible on tuesday and thursday and no dumping of snow though. leyla gulen? >> a fail crash in solano tremendous has shut down all lanes on eastbound 580 and here is a picture brought to us from
5:54 am
164th street where the accident occurred. we do have one confirmed fatality and other major injuries. this is what it is doing to traffic in the eastbound direction it is going against traffic and there is buildup on 14th and that is an alternate and 880 and this is a sig-alert while they conduct the investigation until further notice. this is 80 traveling along in the westbound and eastbound direction toward 580 and 880 traffic now is starting to's through but this is the backup from berkeley. and san francisco police are turning to the public for help identifying a bank robber. investigators say the man has worn several he has committed seven robberies sin obligate and all of them in san francisco and the most recent was last week at a chase bank in pacific heights. >> transportation security administration says 2014 was a
5:55 am
record year for the number of guns that airport screeners found in carry on carry on bags. four out of five were loaded. t.s.a. agents found 2,200 firearms at the airports last year up 22 percent from the year before and the number one discuss given by gun-toting passengers? i forgot i had the gun with me. owners face thousands in federal fines for bringing weapons to the airport check point. >> cause of wednesday's huge apartment complex fire in new jersey has been determined and it was an accident. officials say workers doing plumbing repair on a wall street accidentally sparked the place. flames raged all might and the fire was finale contained i yesterday. two civilians and two firefighters were hurt and a thousand people have to find new homes. officials say the sprinklers were working but the wooden structure fueled the flames. >> youtube sent station is known for her shiny lipstick and quick wit but got tongue-tied
5:56 am
while interviewing president obama at the white house. >> my mama said when you go to someone's house you is to give them something, don't come everyonety handed so i have lipstick one for your first wife --. >> my first wife? do you know something i don't? >> for the first lady. and the first children. >> president obama actually played along after the accidental slip. she was one of three popular youtubers invited to the white house to interview the president. a selfie had to be involved and this was posted on instagram by stehpanie of hollister. so funny "first wife." >> new at 6:00, huge s
5:57 am
support for dock workers as tense negotiations continue for a new contract. >> two college hoop dreams w after it on the hardwood. it involved the ladies. the ladies. the ladies. >> and you can see the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the meet stepping lies are probably on and leyla gulen will tell us more about that. mike is trafficking the weather. stay this is an allen family production.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking now at 6:00 a deadly rollover crash shuts down part of an east bay freeway. live coverage on the delays and investigation is happening right now. >> preventing measles, a precaution parents can expect today as health officials race to contain the latest outbreak. >> brady on defensive some sport
6:00 am
pundits say the patriots quarterback from the bay area do not do himself any favors during the news conference. thanks for joining us. now a check on the weather forecast. you think records will fall? i do our best chance is sunday. mainly down in the south bay. that is what we are doing as far as that goes. we have some things to take care of? >> amy hollyfield is on scene in san lenadro with information on the deadly accident. the amy? >> i am on the scene and the investigation is progressing. c.h.p. said they would try to work as quickly as they can but there is in estimated time of when they will be able to re-open eastbound 5ator. we are standing on it, all lanes are should down in san lenadro


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